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Exploring Visual Identities

This collection offers a curated selection of visual identity projects that exemplify a fusion of artistic inspiration and strategic design thinking.


Each project encapsulates a distinctive brand narrative through meticulously bespoken logos, impactful color schemes, and expressive typography. In close partnership with each client, these creations are crafted to resonate deeply with their intended audiences, seamlessly blending creativity and strategic vision to forge lasting brand impressions.  

Larte Ciudad Cultural - Logo

I spearheaded the visual identity development, including logo creation, for 'Larte. Cultural City', a website dedicated to enhancing cultural tourism in Mexico City.


This platform serves as a comprehensive guide, offering a one-stop shop for theater, concerts, special exhibits, movies, and more. 


Role   Art Director & Designer

Client   Larte

Sugey Urbina - Professional Identity

I developed a visual identity for a psychologist seeking to communicate her services distinctively. The brand is designed to be personal and playful, resembling neural connections.


Using color dots and a vibrant hot pink shade, I created a visual identity that sets her apart from the competition while reflecting her approachable and engaging personality. 


Role   Graphic Designer

Client   Sugey Urbina, Professional Brand Development

BuceO2 - Logo

I played a key role in the visual identity development and naming of 'BuceO2', a project that blends creativity and wordplay to evoke a sense of adventure and discovery.


The playful logo and name, which play on the Spanish word 'Buceo' (diving) and 'O2' (oxygen), were crafted to resonate with the project's focus on underwater exploration. By collaborating on the naming process, I ensured that the brand identity captured the essence of the project while appealing to its target audience. 


Role   Graphic Designer

Client   BuceO2

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