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Product packaging

Sunrider’s mission is to improve the health and lifestyle of people around the world by providing high-quality products based on the art of herbal science. The brand required a new packaging global brand redesign, with a clean, modern, and cohesive take. The concept colors and abstract shapes are a nod to the brand's organic ingredients, which highlight the vibrancy of all their natural product categories and more than 400 original formulas. 

Role   Graphic Designer

Client   Sunrider International


Project  2017 Packaging Redesign

Photographer   Austin Wu

Copywriter  Bob Seawright

Sunrider's Smart Gummy packaging
Sunrider's SunBar packaging
Sunrider's SunTrim packaging
Sunrider's SunFit packaging
2017 Sunrider's Catalogs Covers

Multilingual Showcase

Product Catalog 2017.
English, Chinese and Spanish

Editorial Design

I led the design of a comprehensive product catalog, overseeing the entire publication art approach and designing all pages and sections. The catalog features product photos showcasing the redesigned packaging, highlighting the refreshed brand identity. I also collaborated on making adjustments for the Chinese and Spanish translations, ensuring that the catalog effectively communicates with a global audience. 

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