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'Libre Liebre Bazar'

A dynamic campaign was developed for the Food Truck Station agency based in Mexico City. One standout element was the development and concept art approach in an illustration style. These ads were designed to create an immersive experience, depicting a bustling urban park setup with lively characters. This stylish twist on the classic "find Waldo" concept drew viewers in, inviting them to explore the scene.

The same art style was used for collateral materials such as printouts, truck mobile billboards, and press releases, ensuring consistent brand messaging across all touchpoints and enhancing the overall brand experience for customers.

Role   Designer

Client   Food Truck Station

Project  'Libre Liebre Bazar' - Concept Development & Marketing Collateral

'Libre Liebre' Bazaar Poster
Truck Billboard - Front & Left Side
Truck Billboard - Back & Left Side
Press Release
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